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Where will life take you? Do you travel for business or for pleasure? Do you ever plan to travel to a remote and exotic location?

How about travelling across the country? The options for vacations and traveling are endless. So are the risks. That's why we offer traveler’s insurance.

From medical emergencies in remote locations to possible political unrest in a foreign country, you’re always covered when you have traveler’s insurance.  Top O’ Michigan Insurance can offer the most specific insurances for your travel and we invite you get an estimate of the cost of this specific and comprehensive insurance.

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What is Travel Insurance?Travel Insurance Airport

Travel insurance can protect against the loss of non-refundable travel costs, such as airfare, hotel and tour expenses. Other types of travel insurance offer protection against losses due to medical emergencies, damage to personal property and death, which may occur away from home on vacation.

Major Types of Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation/Delay/Interruption Insurance

  • Trip cancellation: Reimburses you for pre-paid travel expenses if you aren’t able to take your trip because you or a family member becomes ill or dies.
  • Travel delay: Reimburses you for pre-paid expenses if you aren’t able to take your trip because of a travel delay, such as a flight delay or cancellation.
  • Trip interruption: Reimburses you for prepaid expenses if your trip is cut short because you or a family member become ill or die or because of any other misfortune listed in policy. Covered reasons might include bad weather, airline strikes, terrorism, bankruptcy, jury duty or damage to your home.

Medical/Accidental Death Insurance

  • Emergency medical expense: Reimburses you for medical and emergency dental expenses that you have because of an illness or injury while you’re traveling.
  • Medical evacuation: Provides emergency transportation to take you either to a hospital near your area of travel or for transportation back to a hospital near your home.
  • Accidental death: This coverage is usually split into three parts:
    • Air flight accident: Covers death or dismemberment during flight only.
    • Common carrier: Covers death or dismemberment while traveling on public transportation such as a plane, ferry, train, bus or taxi.
    • Accidental death: Covers death or dismemberment at any time during a trip.
The Basics

No travel policy can guarantee your safety when you’re traveling, but knowing you’re covered for medical emergencies or the loss of personal property may help you relax and enjoy your vacation. In addition to a travel insurance policy, cruise and tour operators may offer cancellation waivers. Read all of the restrictions before you buy a cancellation waiver. Your vacation may have taken months to plan. Ensure your investment in minutes for non-refundable losses with a travel insurance policy.

Security Tips for Traveling Abroad

Many people enjoy traveling abroad to learn about new and different cultures, history and traditions. However, international travel also carries significant security risks. After all, foreign tourists are often top targets for criminals and thieves. With this in mind, use the following guidance to protect yourself when you travel abroad.

Before You Go

  • Familiarize yourself with local customs and laws, as you are subject to them while traveling.
  • Bring resources that will allow you to translate between English and the primary language of the country you are traveling to. Practice saying common words and phrases in this language.
  • Take small door and window locks with you while traveling, and use them in your hotel room.
  • Register your travel plans with the State Department using their Smart Traveler Enrollment program.
  • Leave copies of your itinerary and passport with friends and family at home.

While You’re Abroad

  • Don’t let anyone into your hotel room unless you can see who they are through the door’s peephole.
  • Avoid using taxis when possible. Instead, have your hotel’s concierge service book a reliable driver or car service for you.
  • Store important travel documents (e.g., insurance information and personal identification cards) in a safe and secure location in your hotel room.
  • Keep a hand on your wallet or purse whenever you are out of your hotel room to keep it from getting stolen. Thieves often take advantage of distracted tourists and snatch their wallet or purse when they aren’t looking.

Secure Adequate Coverage

In addition to these top tips, it’s important to purchase proper insurance for your travels. Specifically, travel insurance can provide you with financial protection in the event of a disaster during your trip—such as getting ill or injured while abroad or having any personal items get lost or stolen throughout the course of your travels.For more personal risk management guidance and insurance solutions, contact us today.

Travel Safety

Helpful Links

  • Does travel insurance cover cancellation? - Having to cancel a vacation is always disappointing and can be costly, but travel insurance can at least help ease the financial pain. Be sure you carefully read the options available and what they'll cover!

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