National Safety Month 2019

Did you know that every three minutes, someone dies from something 100% preventable?  June is National Safety Month which is a call to action to help reverse this trend.  Not only in June but through the year, Top O' Michigan Solutions remains dedicated to helping you improve safety at your workplace, home, beach and beyond! 

Each week of June is focused on a particular area of safety:

  1. Week One - Hazard Recognition
    1. Spotting hazards starts with knowing the real risks.
  2. Week two - Slips, Trips and Falls
    1. Distracted walking is more dangerous than you may think.  
  3. Week Three - Fatigue
    1. Being fatigued doesn't mean you're working harder than everyone else, it means you could be a hazard.
  4. Week Four - Impairment
    1. Legal or illegal. One drink or two. No level of impairment is safe for the road or the workplace. Help spread the message!

You can access an endless library of safety information from the National Safety Council here.  Plus, we will continue to update our website with safety materials from our partner companies.  If there is something specific you would like help in improving at your place of work, around the house, at school, etc - please reach out and contact us here. 

Workplace Safety

Top O' Michigan is devoted to helping make your workplace safer so you and your employees can make it home safely.  Using tools unique to Top O' Michigan, we will help you with OSHA compliance and improve workplace safety, which can ultimately help you reduce company costs. 

The Hierarchy of Controls

Top O' Michigan Solutions is dedicated to helping you make your workplace safer so everyone can make it home to their families.  This begins with identifying and mitigating exposures to occupational hazards.  The hierarchy of controls is a strategy for safety that singles out hazards, before work starts.  According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the hierarchy starts with the controls that are perceived to be the most effective.  We agree that safety and elimination of hazards is the most important and Top O' Michigan will help round our your insurance solution with the right coverage to finance the risk.

As defined by NIOSH, it flows as follows:

  • Elimination – Physically remove the hazard
  • Substitution – Replace the hazard
  • Engineering controls – Isolate people from the hazard
  • Administrative controls – Change the way people work
  • Personal protective equipment– Protect the worker with PPE

You can read more from the National Safety Council regarding The Hierarchy of Controls here.

National Safety Month 2019

Did you know that every three minutes, someone dies from something 100% preventable?  Don't let a loved one become a statistic! June is National Safety Month and Top O' Michigan wants to help make the workplace and home safer for everyone.  This is a call to action to reverse this trend.

National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.  Keep an eye out for our blogs throughout the month that will highlight valuable safety information for the workplace, home, beach, biking, boating and more.  We dedicate the entire year to educate our clients and help them keep everyone safe but will be focused in the month of June to help see safety in a new way and identify hidden dangers along the way.

If you would like materials for your workplace or home, please contact us at 800-686-8664 or you can request contact here. 

You can also get more information and materials from the National Safety Council here.


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