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Building a Strong Password to Thwart Cyber Crime

Strong passwords can help keep you safe!

We've all been online a lot more recently, whether that is for work, for groceries, or simply to stay connected to friends and family. The Internet makes a lot of things convenient, but it also makes our personal information convenient for cyber crime, too. For good reason, many of us worry about the security of our digital lives. Our passwords are the first line of defense to protect our personal information. Below are some password tips to keep us safe online!

  • Password variety
    • The most common tip is to have a different password for every account. That way if your Facebook password is lost, you don't also lose access to your email or credit card login.
  • Character length
    • The longer the password, the harder it can be to crack. Experts suggest going with a passphrase, basically a sentence that substitutes some letters for numbers or special characters.
  • Stay away from public information
    • Passwords containing addresses, phone numbers, etc. are all easily accessible online.
  • Stay away from real words, too
    • If you're an avid sports fan, or have anything on your social media that might be easy to guess, it is better to use randomized letters, numbers, and characters. Lions, Tigers, or Bears - Oh my, are easy passwords.
  • If you're a business, rotate often
    • Having employees set new passwords often can help reduce the chances of vulnerable logins.
  • If available, use two-factor authentication
    • Gmail uses this method (as do many others). You enter your password and it prompts you for additional verification on your phone or separate device. It's hard for the criminals to be in two places at once.
  • Use caution on public Wi-Fi
    • If you're not on an encrypted network, your passwords or credit card information could be intercepted if you use them. Next time you're surfing for free, exercise caution.
  • Consider a password manager
    • Some browsers have them built-in. Or, if you like a third-party service, you can typically find them in your app store. Don't forget to check their reviews, first.

Typically, the longer the password, the better. Sure, it takes a little longer to type in, but that makes it much harder to crack. However, if you need a little extra security, Top O' Michigan offers Cyber Insurance to cover your business in the event it is targeted. Feel free to reach out (800) 686-8664 or chat with us online, we'd love to be Your Insurance Solution Provider!

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